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Custom Magento Installation, Backend Data Management


Front End Customizations

Founded in 2011, Maxxima manufactures and sells LED home lighting products, ranging from standard indoor appliance bulbs to outdoor warning lights. Maxxima connected with Pixafy intent on swapping its existing Zen Cart ecommerce installation for a Magento build. Significant technical limitations were hamstringing the lighting provider’s B2B operations and therefore stunting organizational growth. Maxxima felt Magento could provide the necessary functionality and ultimately lay the groundwork for revenue generation within the B2B vertical. However, the organization has high expectations — not just any Magento site would do.

Maxxima requested an entirely customized installation that leveraged the aesthetic conventions from the existing website but supported more robust mobile and reward program functionalities. Additionally, the retailer needed Pixafy to execute numerous backend data management tasks to facilitate a seamless customer experience post launch.

Meeting pixel-level design demands

Pixafy kickstarted the redesign by reviewing the existing Maxxima website and gathering all the necessary technical requirements for the new Magento portal. With this essential information in hand, the Pixafy development team formulated a viable production plan that hinged on marrying custom-coded elements with out-of-the-box Magento features.

Pixafy developers began development following the completion of an extensive wireframing process. The team crafted detailed product pages that resembled those found on the existing Maxxima website but included new eye-catching features,including 3D photographs, wattage filters and savings calculators capable of rendering annual electrical bill reduction projections. Our developers exercised the same attention to detail when overhauling the navigation and search functions, implementing complex yet easy-to-navigate breadcrumbs and product-finding features meant to effectively guide customers through the website. The checkout functionality received similar attention, as the team put together a one-page payment setup to streamline the buying experience.

A significant number of the pixel-level aesthetic components the Pixafy developers implemented correlated with Maxxima’s wholesale rewards program, MaxxBuyer. Our team created special headers, button and mouse-over effects and pricing notifications only viewable to wholesale B2B clients enrolled in this initiative — a custom user experience designed to communicate exclusivity and encourage further engagement. Pixafy developers also rolled out an entirely new B2B section devoted to MaxxBuyer members occupying certain revenue thresholds, adding yet another fresh aesthetic and functional dimension to the website.

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Tackling backend integration and migration

In addition to addressing user-facing components, our team executed an immense amount of backend integration and migration work, beginning with a customer account and order history move involving thousands of profiles. Pixafy developers also collaborated with staff from ROI Consulting to migrate Maxxima’s existing Sage Cart 100 instance to the new website, all without causing downtime. A Shipper HQ integration followed, making it possible for customers to view multiple carriers and shipping options post checkout. Our team completed a number of ancillary integrations too, installing Bing Shopping, Mailchimp and WooCommerce Pro plugins to bolster Maxxima’s online advertising, customer relationship management and ecommerce management operations.

Pixafy developers rounded out the integration and migration phase by installing an automated return system, social media connections and gift distribution, quote request and custom landing page creation tools. They also crafted the appropriate 301 redirects and ensured Proposition 65 compliance by drafting and publishing a statement on the new Maxxima website in accordance with the California law.

Boosting website performance and envisioning the future

With all of these new-and-improved website components in play, our developers leveraged Magento performance features to reduce loading times and the likelihood of costly downtime. And this work continues today, even after the soft relaunch that unfolded in May 2019. Pixafy has embarked on the second stage of the Maxxima project, preparing for a Magento platform upgrade and swapping some of the custom-coded items for cleaner, Magento-created assets.

This work, which has caused no disruption to the business, sets Maxxima up for sustainable ecommerce success by facilitating new customer acquisitions and deepening existing client connections.

Is your retail organization looking to optimize its online presence and develop an online sales portal that effectively meets modern customers’ needs? Consider partnering with Pixafy. Our award-winning development team can help you craft a Magento or Shopify Plus installation that supports stability and growth.

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