Nobel Biocare Case Study


Technology Used

Magento Enterprise Edition, Custom Pixafy Modules, Integration with SAP, Salesforce, dynaTrace, Adobe CQ and Paymetric. Custom Pricing and Tax Rules

Pixafy Services Used

Magento Development


Custom Pixafy Design

Nobel Biocare is among the world's leaders in implant-based dental restorations. Specializing in cutting-edge, innovative solutions for everything from single-tooth to full restorations, Nobel Biocare is focused on connecting dentists with the tools and solutions needed to improve quality of life for patients. To this end, the organization operates around the world, and it needed a web presence that could keep up. Selling to international customers can get cumbersome, and Nobel Biocare needed a site that could meet the needs of clients in 16 countries, with support for seven languages. Working with a large international customer base in a highly specialized industry demands a robust website, and we helped Nobel Biocare get the solution it needed.

Launching 16 websites isn't just a matter of translation and localization, it also means integrating backend data across sites, accelerating new site rollouts to allow for rapid expansion and provide full online business services through each version of the website. Pixafy helped Nobel Biocare achieve this end through a core, foundational website platform that served as the centerpiece for the 16 sites designed for specific markets. We created a modular site design that decoupled the underlying architecture from the site itself, allowing for easy updates and customization across each localized site. This functionality, when combined with SAP, Salesforce, Paymetric and dynaTrace integration makes it much easier to support everyday operations across the wide range of sites in place.

Specialized retailers face unique challenges when it comes to establishing their ecommerce presence. In the case of Nobel Biocare, the company's close relationship with dentists meant that it needed a web system that would allow customers and sales representatives to order products quickly and securely, even when they are away from the office. We worked with Biocare to design a site that would give users the information and tools they need to have the best shopping experience possible. Features included:

• Order tracking while items are in transit.
• Clearly defined cart price rules.
• Robust product catalogs.
• Multiple payment methods.

All of these capabilities were made possible through a custom design built around the Magento Enterprise Edition platform.
Nobel Biocare has been able to use this new site launch to better align its web capabilities with its business goals. The result is a situation in which the custom site we built on the Magento Enterprise Edition platform has empowered Nobel Biocare to engage its customers in new ways and made it easier for dentists to explore products and get the details they need about solutions. Besides increasing sales and traffic, the new site also experienced a 20 percent increase in average order value. All told, we were able to partner with Nobel Biocare to establish a set of sites that align with its brand requirements and drive business growth.

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