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As ScentAir looked to launch a new online business unit, it needed a fast and flexible solution that could accommodate its subscription sales model.

Technology Solutions

erpCommerce™, Sage X3, Magento, Boomi, Salesforce

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ScentAir helps public-facing businesses build stronger customer relationships by creating rich on-site experiences with fragrance. The company’s worldwide team provides individualized scenting strategies for large, global brands including BMW, Westin Hotels, and Paul Mitchell. When ScentAir sought to launch a new line of business catering to smaller brands, it decided on an exclusively online sales model that would be quick and cost-effective to launch and maintain, while still providing the superior products and service the company is known for. The eCommerce solution ScentAir selected to power its newest endeavor is erpCommerce™ from Pixafy.

The complete eCommerce solution

ScentAir first reached out to Magento to kickstart its eCommerce offering. Magento delivers strong B2B and B2C functionality, and with availability of an add-on that supports ScentAir’s new subscription sales model, provides an ideal eCommerce platform for the growing company.

In turn, Magento recommended ScentAir bring in Pixafy, due to their expertise integrating the Magento platform with Sage X3. “We chose Pixafy and their erpCommerce™ solution,” says Logan Andres, Vice President of Products and Marketing for ScentAir. “erpCommerce™ provides seamless integration between Magento and Sage X3 which helps us unify our operations.”

Live in 100 days

ScentAir’s newest offering is a subscription service that provides small businesses with a scent diffuser and monthly fragrance refills. As new customers place orders in the ScentAir online store, erpCommerce™ creates both the subscription and the first order. Going forward, new subscription orders are created automatically each month. Should a processing error occur, such an expired credit card, the system will automatically notify the customer to keep the order moving.

While erpCommerce™ offers seamless integration with Sage X3, in the first phase of its eCommerce initiative, ScentAir chose not to prioritize the integration. Instead, all efforts were focused on ensuring a streamlined and fluid online experience. The efforts paid off. “We were live within 100 days,” says Andres. “That’s an incredibly fast timeline to bring a brand-new company from zero to full eCommerce.”

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Everything’s coming up roses

With the core eCommerce platform in place, along with strong support for its subscription model, ScentAir will next turn its attention to fully integrating its online store with Sage X3.

“We have plans to roll out the store to our larger brand customers and even directly to consumers,” says Andres. “Sage X3 will serve as our single system of record for customer data, and the store will have accurate product details and will support customer-specific pricing and terms. This will allow us to continue to grow our online footprint — increasing sales without the need to increase staff.”

In addition, ScentAir is working with Pixafy to integrate SalesForce CRM into its eCommerce solution. “With that integration piece, erpCommerce™ will update both Sage X3 and SalesForce with new customer information. This step will allow us to quickly include new customers in our marketing efforts. And since our customer service team will have access to the customer data they need in SalesForce, we will be able to provide faster and better support,” says Andres.

ScentAir has plans to take its Commerce initiative global. Sage X3, Magento, and erpCommerce™ all provide key international capabilities, including multi-company and multi-currency, to support ScentAir’s expansion. “We want to roll out the store starting in the European Union and expand to Canada and Mexico shortly after,” says Andres. “We’re prepared with an eCommerce solution that can scale and flex with us as we grow.”

Sweet smell of success

“Pixafy and erpCommerce™ have been great partners throughout this project,” concludes Andres. “They delivered above-and-beyond value, and with their help, we were able to get to market quickly. They guided us through the process, making what seemed like a complex and difficult undertaking relatively straightforward. We think erpCommerce™ is a great option for companies using Sage X3 that want to expand and grow their online sales quickly. The solution offers value-added services others cannot match.”

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