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Sugarpova and Pixafy: The early days

Sugarpova is a premium candy line created by tennis superstar Maria Sharapova. Products include chocolates, truffles, gummies, gumballs and gift packages, all heavily branded and unique within the Sugarpova identity.

When Sugarpova initially came to Pixafy, they were looking for a powerful, eye-catching ecommerce setup that could incorporate a WordPress blog and the store functionality into a fully integrated system. Pixafy helped achieve this goal through a Magento Enterprise Edition website with a strong focus on design, robust customization, and powerful integrations.

Any site build isn't a one-time project; it's the beginning of an ongoing initiative to drive brand goals and business improvement. So, when the Sharapova brand over the last couple of years experienced a slight shift and the business found that it needed its web presence to be a much more streamlined, no-hassle system, we set out to slim down their ecommerce setup. The costs and complexities of handling the powerful Magento site had become too much relative to what the organization now needed. Furthermore, Sugarpova's license with Magento was about to expire.

Transitioning to a new platform

We pulled from our deep well of Shopify knowledge and resources and found a pre-built site template that would allow for a very similar look and feel compared to Sugarpova's existing Magento site. We were also able to migrate their data and assets over to the new platform, creating a seamless transition between the two. All things considered, they ended up with all information, including customer information, imported into the new site and a fully-functional Shopify build in place on schedule. This transition means that the complex day-to-day operations are gone and Sugarpova is now positioned to save more than $20,000 per year running its ecommerce site.

Pixafy was consistently analyzing Sugarpova's operations and not accepting the status quo. When the site build was no longer suited to their needs, they took action to improve it by working with us to migrate to Shopify. We were able to help them make this transition extremely quickly, delivering considerable savings. Beyond helping Sugarpova drive continuous ecommerce site improvement, this project also highlights our desire as an agency to act in the best interests of our clients.


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