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About VDL

An offshoot of LG Household and Health Care, VDL offers cosmetic products for customers worldwide.

VDL and Pixafy: Expanding stateside

Headquartered in South Korea, VDL was preparing to move into the U.S. market and needed an online presence that met the needs of Western customers. VDL requested a Magento-based build with social media integration capabilities, easy-to-navigate product catalog features and promotion-marketing components. We developed a proposal centered on these needs, which the cosmetics brand greenlit.

Cultivating an engaging customer experience

The Pixafy development team embarked on the site-creation process, leveraging the Magento platform to craft an appealing shopping experience tailored to American consumers. Our developers crafted social media integration modules that would allow VDL to cross-promote content shared on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. They also rolled out streamlined coupon-based customer opt-ins designed to expand the brand's email marketing capabilities. While this work progressed at breakneck pace, some other project features required more thought.

VDL Screenshots, Responsive

For instance, VDL wanted to market its expansive line of lipsticks, which comes in 20 or so different shades. We quickly realized traditional product pages would not work due not only to the sheer volume of disparate items but also the lack of viable product images. So, our developers leveraged out-of-the-box platform components to engineer an ingenious solution: configurable product pages that would allow customers to cycle through dozens of different lipstick colors without scrolling or navigating to other areas of the site. Additionally, almost all of the approved copy for the site arrived in Korean, which forced our team to pinpoint a copywriter who could translate and effectively interpret the text.

Pixafy, Magento and VDL

In the end, the Pixafy development team was able to roll out an engaging ecommerce portal made for American shoppers. VDL believes it can leverage the site to replicate the immense success it found out East in the U.S, and has placed the product at the center of its current marketing push. That said, our collaboration with the burgeoning cosmetics brand does not end here. We are currently working on an integrated fulfillment module that will facilitate data flow between the site, the company's warehouse management system and its enterprise resource planning platform. Our developers are also crafting the digital tools that VDL will deploy as part of a forthcoming loyalty program.

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