10 steps for getting your eCommerce site optimized for holiday sales

Posted by Pixafy Team

10 tips for getting your eCommerce site optimized for holiday sales

It’s almost here. Shoppers can already feel their credit cards burning a hole in their pockets. They are warming up their fingers in preparation for the flurry of typing they will soon be doing. Yes, that’s right, Black Friday is almost upon us! Over the past few months we have been sharing our tips for preparing your eCommerce site for the insane holiday shopping season. Check out our roundup of posts that cover everything from optimizing your SEO to getting your site ready for the influx of user traffic.

1. Crowd Control

Ready for takeoff, when your customers arrive | Pixafy

eCommerce sites can see a huge increase in traffic during the holidays, especially around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This post discusses the importance of having a solid hosting platform for your website, which can help manage the crowds. With Pixafy’s own in-house hosting platform, we are able to make sure our client’s can handle anything that comes their way.

2. Streamlining Your eCommerce Site


Site slowness can spell disaster for an eCommerce site around the holidays. Studies have reported that a 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions on your site (yikes!). By streamlining your site you can avoid any bumps along the road and ensure a smooth transaction process for your customers.

3. Optimizing Your Magento Website


If your eCommerce site was built on the Magento platform, you’ve already taken a step in the right direction. Designed for flexibility and ease-of-use, the platform allows users to customize and optimize their sites quickly. Check out this post that lists 10 popular tutorials on optimizing your Magento site.

4. Simple SEO Tips for All Sites

Simple search engine optimization tips for your website | Pixafy

Sometimes it’s the simple yet obvious things that can make all the difference. Check out this post that covers all the basics on optimizing your SEO, including title tags, sitemaps, quality images and videos, and more.

5. SEO for your eCommerce Site

SEO for your eCommerce site: Holiday shopping edition | Pixafy

Optimizing your SEO before the holidays is extremely important, and a great way to help boost sales and customer traffic. Our own SEO expert and Project Manager Alan Gagnon shares his best tips for helping you improve your SEO results.

6. U/X and eCommerce 

U/X: Five reasons your customers are leaving your e-Commerce store

User Experience, or U/X, is an important tool that will help you examine how customer-friendly your website is. Are you asking them for too much information? Making them jump through unnecessary loopholes?  We provide you with 5 reasons as to why people may be steering clear of your eCommerce site.

 7. Increasing Magento Site Visibility

Optimizing Magento SEO

What’s the point of having an awesome website with great products for sale if no one knows about it? Optimizing SEO for your Magento website will help bring customers out of the woodwork and to your page. Since the Magento platform is one of the most search engine-friendly platforms out there, you’re already off to a good start!

8. Creating Coupon Codes in Magento

Create Coupon Codes in Magento Tutorial |

Coupon codes are all the rage. They’re a great way to entice browsers to make a purchase, and they will leave thinking they got a great deal! With competing websites vying for customers on every channel, coupons are a great way to get a step up on the competition around the holidays. This tutorial goes through the steps of creating coupon codes in Magento.

9. Social Commerce as the New Norm

Why social commerce will become the eCommerce standard |

To prep for the holiday shopping season, ask your engaged customers and supporters to review your products and services. Positive reviews are valuable in our social commerce and recommendation economy. Read up on how social commerce will soon become the new eCommerce norm, and how companies that make the necessary changes to adapt will have an advantage.

10. Mobile Ready Sites Convert!

mobile phone loading screen

According to a recent eBay study of sites either optimized or not for mobile and tablet, optimized sites boosted both conversions and shoppers’ perception of the company, so make sure your eCommerce site is mobile-ready! In line with the “mobile first” mentality for developing sites, here’s additional information on responsive design.

Is your eCommerce site ready for holiday traffic? Check out how we can take your site to the next level!