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2021 eCommerce Outlook: The Continued B2B Adoption of iPaaS

Posted by Pixafy Team

2020 was anything but predictable. Plans were canceled and businesses faced mounting doubt about the future. Yet amidst all of this uncertainty, our 2020 eCommerce prediction held strong.

As businesses sought ways to unite their disparate applications to streamline information flows, integration-Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) technology became the go-to solution. VynZ Research estimated that the global iPaaS market was valued at USD 1.9 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 10.3 billion by 2025. That’s tremendous growth in only five years, to say the least.

Let’s explore more about the future of commerce and how Pixafy is helping businesses prepare.

iPaaS is top of mind for B2B companies in 2021

The events of 2020 have, unsurprisingly, changed the retail landscape and created a shift to online selling channels for both B2C and B2B organizations. Instead of a “nice to have,” eCommerce is now a necessity. McKinsey recently reported that while eCommerce retail sales were forecasted in 2019 to reach 24% by 2024, in July 2020 they had already reached 33%

With online purchases making up a third of all retail sales, businesses are continuing to adapt their eCommerce strategy and utilize iPaaS in 2021 to remain competitive and improve their efficiency. B2B organizations have the most to gain from integrating their internal systems this

As traditional procurement processes continue to be affected by the events of 2020, business buyers now seek a convenient, seamless and personalized online purchasing experience with options for receiving their items (i.e. curbside pickup or delivery).

How integration is helping businesses today

iPaaS technology is the premier way to integrate software, and more businesses are becoming aware of its capabilities in 2021. Too many businesses still use multiple, siloed applications and software systems for their back-of-house and customer-facing eCommerce operations. But now they are realizing it inhibits the seamless sharing of customer information necessary for a smooth shopping and accurate shopping experience.

With a need for digital commerce, especially in the B2B sector, organizations are seeing the value of paring down and uniting their internal systems. Of course, integrating these customer touchpoints on their own can be extremely difficult and costly, and that’s where iPaaS comes in.

iPaaS transforms the entire eCommerce experience with faster, real-time integration and server security. Organizations can meet their back-end configuration targets and gain insights into improving the customer experience. Without needing to focus on implementing complicated integration themselves, business owners can continue to put their energy toward improving their bottom line this year while iPaaS does the heavy lifting.

Pixafy empowers B2B business to adapt

With a future outlook, Pixafy released erpCommerce™ that helps businesses integrate Magento and Sage X3’s systems. In 2021, we know that scalable, flexible data coordination is crucial for streamlining eCommerce operations, and ultimately helping businesses turn a larger profit. With erpCommerce™ now available, organizations can utilize it to their advantage.

Pixafy is a Magento partner and our sister company Net at Work is the top Sage partner in North America, meaning our collective knowledge and expertise is ideal for integrating these two important systems.

A seamless integration focuses on seven major customer touchpoints:

  • Customers
  • Orders
  • Fulfillments/Shipments
  • Inventory
  • Pricing
  • Invoices
  • New Products/Product Updates

erpCommerce™ is built with B2B businesses in mind. We understand that B2B customers require a personalized shopping experience, and our solution offers customizable integrations that make it easy to create unique workflows for all of your needs.

With the popularity of iPaaS growing in the new year as businesses across verticals seek a flexible and secure integration solution for their eCommerce needs, Pixafy will be here to help. Contact the team at Pixafy today to learn more about erpCommerce™.