Blog Roundup

Most read blog posts for April, 2013

Posted by Pixafy Team


April showers are done, and it’s time for May flowers! As the month begins, what were you reading last month?  Here’s the most popular blog posts on thinkbuildblog for April:

  1. Five handy Sublime Text 2 tips
    The post has continued to be a popular one since it went up in March.  We’re working on a follow-up post with even more great tips.
  2. Overcoming Magento’s WYSIWYG editor
    We had a strong month for Magento posts; Kurt’s post continues to receive a lot of interest.
  3. Overcoming Magento’s full-page cache through hole punching
    Tom’s post from March had another strong month on the chart; the topic is very relevant and important for many Magento developers.
  4. Introducing Pixafy Content Marketing Strategist Gee-Gee Law
    Regular Pixafy visitors may have already encountered Gee-Gee’s work; we’re happy to have her on the team!
  5. 25 essential Twitter accounts for developers
    Our team compiled some great Twitter accounts to follow as part of our regular internal discussion program; the collection has proven a hit!
  6. Dynamic virtual hosts using Apache mod_vhost_alias
    After dropping off the list in March, Tariq’s post comes back strong for the April list!
  7. Women in Tech: Obstacles to overcome for success
    Raechel’s articles always are thoughtful, but this one, evolving from a meet-up she attended, particularly struck a chord with readers.
  8. 12 tutorial sites recommended by Pixafy developers
    Another list generated from our internal discussions, you’ll find some great resources here when you’re trying to learn or build skills!
  9. Using the shell_exec function to integrate PHP and server software
    This deeper tech dive has maintained steady interest since it went live a year ago.

As always, we’d like to know what you’re reading, and enjoying, on our blog.  Share with us your favorites in the comments!