Blog Roundup

Most read blog posts for February, 2013

Posted by Pixafy Team

What have you been reading in the past month?  We’ve rounded up our most popular blog posts for the month of February, 2013. Have you checked out all of these posts yet?

  1. The two most important aspects of a good job
    Two things that make a job environment more enjoyable, posted way back in June!
  2. 7 forgotten pages in Magento and how to make them work for you
    Eric’s post only went up in February but instantly became a favorite.
  3. 10 great tips for debugging and testing sites
    Another new post for February, this was our first in a series of posts where our team collaborated to offer quick tips.  We’ll have more to come!
  4. Dynamic virtual hosts using Apache mod_vhost_alias
    Tariq’s post on this topic, posted in December, has drawn some attention, and some follow-up questions!
  5. Using the shell_exec function to integrate PHP and server software
    This post from May has long been on our most read list; this, along with #4, show interest in some of our deeper tech dives!
  6. Fear vs. respect in management
    Alan’s post on contrasting management styles went up this month and charted quickly!
  7. Overcoming Magento’s WYSIWYG editor
    Kurt’s first blog post, from January, hits on a topic many front-end developers deal with in Magento.
  8. 5 tips for stylizing WordPress widgets with minimal CSS
    Rachel’s series of blog posts on WordPress continued with this February entry. Others have included special category templates and WordPress theme tips.
  9. 9 ways to improve your code
    Another collaborative post from February talking about how to develop stronger code.
  10. Recognizing good work day in, day out
    Our top 10 is rounded out by a post on January Rewards and Recognition honoree Siarhej Autushka.

What was your favorite post in February? Let us know in the comments!