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Pixafy Twitter Roundup: Chrome DevTools, Magento tutorials, and more

Posted by Pixafy Team

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As we continue chugging along into 2014, the internet continues to chug along right with us. In this week’s Twitter roundup we take a look at a number of interesting topics, including Chrome DevTools, front-end tooling, and social commerce. So dive in, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @Pixafy!

  • Are you constantly context-switching between Chrome and the command-line for tasks like using Git, Grunt, or Wget? If so, the new DevTools Terminal extension might be your new best friend. Check out this article that dives into the benefits of using a terminal in a browser.

  • This useful list of tips for improving your code was published in early 2013, but remains top-of-mind for some of our followers. Helpful suggestions for becoming a coding master include always looking for patterns in your code, following KISS / DRY rules, and simply knowing your data.

  • Social Commerce is quickly becoming the biggest untapped opportunity for reaching consumers and generating sales. This extremely useful eBook explores how social media will become one of the leading outlets for web sales by 2015.

  • The Little Book of Modern Front-end Tooling is a cool approach to creating a collaborative forum for developers to learn and share ideas. This is a free open-source book that introduces you to the world of tooling for modern web applications, and is open to new writers interested in contributing new content.

  • Our own Pixafy post that compiled our 10 most popular Magento tutorials continues to gain traction in 2014. Check out our roundup that includes “8 Common Mistakes Developers Make in Magento”, “Overcoming Magento’s Full-Page Cache Through Hole Punching”, and more.

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