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Pixafy Twitter Roundup: WordPress, Backbone.js, Sublime Text, and More

Posted by Pixafy Team

Techies love to tweet. Whether it’s about Sublime Text 2, eCommerce website optimization, or coding in JavaScript – The Twittersphere is always buzzing with the latest tech tidbits and tutorials. That’s why we’ve compiled our roundup of what we think are the most interesting and useful Tweets from the past month. Take a look at our list, and don’t forget to follow us @Pixafy!

  • This roundup of the 34 best WordPress plugins includes everything that will help to enhance the basic features of the platform, covering categories like social plugins, user reviews, and mobile plugins. (By @GeniusStartup)

  • Very useful tutorial on how to create a new “brand” entity in Magento that can be managed through the admin panel. Learn how to browse, filter, and sort brands in Magento’s admin panel, associate brands with products, and more. (By @smashingmag, via @Magento)

  • Sublime Text 3 picks up where Sublime Text 2 left off – adding more useful updates to the already popular plain text editor that developers love. Check out this roundup of 25 tips, tricks, and shortcuts for ST3 (By @GA, via @jwpe)

  • It’s nice when someone else does the rounding up for us! This article compiles all of the best articles, videos, and presentations to help create, test, and maintain a large JavaScript code base. (By @Superhero.js, via @AaronLayton)

  • Tutsplus is one of our favorite go-to resources for developer tips. This intro to Node.js for beginners is a great starting point for anyone who wants to learn more about this scalable network application builder. (By @killahforge, via @Thomas_Bevo)

  • The Magento platform has so many features and options to work with, that sometimes a lot of useful stuff gets lost in the crowd. Our post on 7 forgotten pages in Magento are all great features that will help enhance your customer experience. (By @Pixafy, via @ajzele)

  • For developers, almost nothing is more frustrating than coding for hours on end only to have it return errors. This post offers a tip on how to identify code error in Sublime Text and how to minimize this frequent problem. (By @tfirdaus, via @SublimeTxtTips)

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