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Pixafy Twitter Roundup: GitHub, responsive typography, and more

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This week’s Twitter roundup spans the technological landscape. Check out some of our favorite posts that cover such topics as GitHub, responsive typography, and more. And don’t forget to follow us on twitter @pixafy!

  • Takipi does all the work for us with this comprehensive list of the Top 100 Libraries in Java, JS and Ruby. After analyzing 30,000 projects on GitHub, this article sums up all of the interesting findings from their study (from @takipid, by @weisstal).

  • Flexbox is a new CSS layout module gaining in popularity. This in-depth cheat sheet breaks down some of the most useful ways to optimize Flexbox, including creating a flex container, growing a flex item, and wrapping flex items into multiple rows (from @codylindley, by @sfioritto).

  • Today is Cyber Monday! With the bevy of amazing deals out there, it’s difficult to filter out the scams that are trying to take advantage of eager shoppers. This article offer tips on how to avoid potential security threats, including avoiding pop-up ads, updating your software, and installing antivirus and anti-spyware software (from @infotechil, by @MaxKnoblauch).

  • As you probably know already, it’s all about mobile right now. You can do practically anything on your smart phone, which is why this post on optimizing your mobile email setup is a useful read (from @Litmusapp, by @Meladorri).

  • It’s pretty amazing to see how far GitHub has come since its inception in 2008. This editorial features an interview with CEO Tom Preston-Werner, where he talks about the history of the company, as well as where he hopes to take it in the future (from @prfnv by @laureninspace).

  • Responsive web design is an important function for many eCommerce companies. Nowadays, most business want a mobile version of their website, and responsive typography is a key component when it comes to making your content as fluid and accessible as possible. This article offers some helpful techniques for responsive typography (from @ErikKyleNielsen, by @SaraSoueidan).

  • Is your eCommerce site ready to go mobile? If not, we recommend checking out this Magento article that dives into mobile strategy and how to best setup your mobile site to reap the biggest rewards (from @ecommerceguy, by @magento).

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