Tips for optimization: 10 most popular Magento tutorials

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Magento’s flexible and extensible eCommerce platform allows users to customize and optimize their sites. Its conversion-oriented interface helps businesses grow and manage their online stores. Pixafy’s expert Magento developers regularly share insights and tutorials on how to hack and streamline your site. We compiled some of our most popular Magento posts to help you maximize your store and increase conversions. Check out the first installation of some of our top Magento posts!

  1. Pixafy’s tips for optimizing seven ‘forgotten’ Magento pages
    Pixafy's tips for optimizing seven 'forgotten' Magento pages, featured on Magento eCommerce blog |
    One of our most popular posts, “7 forgotten pages in Magento and how to make them work for you” shows you how to creatively customize common Magento eCommerce site pages to further optimize your store. Our article was featured in Magento’s own eCommerce blog!
  2. 8 common mistakes developers make in Magento
    8 common mistakes developers make in Magento  |
    Our team compiled some great tips to avoid making common Magento mistakes. We break it down for both front- and back-end developers! 
  3. Overcoming Magento’s full-page cache through hole punchingmagento-hole-punching
    Achieving fast site speeds on your Magento Enterprise eCommerce site can make the difference between having a customer who successfully converts by making a purchase and a visitor who abandons his cart. Our post on utilizing full-page cache through hole punching in Magento helps you streamline your Magento site to do just that!
  4. Hiding in plain sight: Lesser-known features of Magento
    Hiding in plain sight: Lesser-known features of Magento |
    With so many feature-rich options in Magento, there are bound to be some “hidden” tools within Magento, as well as modules, that can prove to be useful. Our developers share some lesser-known features in Magento that they have found to be handy.
  5. Overcoming Magento’s built-in WYSIWYG editor
    Magento WYSIWYG
    Forgo spending loads of time tediously creating pages. Instead, check out this tutorial for tips on how you can increase development speed and decrease your time spent creating these pages.
  6. 5 frequently overlooked “Go Live” checklist items: Magento edition
    Having a “Go Live” protocol for any site launch is essential. Our Pixafy Magento experts compiled a list of some of the most important “Go Live” items that you should be aware of.
  7. Creating a Magento custom model
    A handy tutorial on creating custom Magento models, the article sheds light on how you can accomplish this while using a different name than the Module name.
  8. Mastering Magento’s templates in five easy steps series
    Magento front-end customization can be a difficult task for beginners. In this series, we dig into five lessons that will cover all of the sections involving front-end Magento development:  Part 1 and Part 2.
  9. Rewriting blocks in Magento
    Rewriting is a powerful feature in Magento. It allows developers to override and extend core Magento functionality. In this useful tutorial, we show you examples of rewrites for blocks, models, and helpers.
  10. How to create coupon codes in Magento: Beginner’s Tutorial [part 1]
    Create Coupon Codes in Magento Tutorial |
    Maybe you want to offer visitors to your eCommerce site free shipping with their order, or maybe a great buy 1, get one 50% off deal. Magento’s robust features allow you to do that with ease in the admin. Check out our tutorial for a step-by-step on how to create promotional coupon codes in Magento.

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