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Augustinus Bader’s exponential growth required improved systems aligned to its gold star process.


Skincare and Beauty

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The award-winning luxury skincare line of Augustinus Bader is one of the most prestigious brands in beauty. Founded in science and regenerative medicine, Augustinus Bader skincare products are available globally through retailers including Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nieman Marcus, Lane Crawford, Mistukoshi, Douglas and Sephora — as well as through the company’s eCommerce site. In the midst of tremendous growth, Augustinus Bader engaged erpCommerce™ from Pixafy to help integrate a scalable platform.

Business Process Driven Technology

As the company worked to refine and scale its business model, it became clear that better integration with its NetSuite ERP application was needed, along with more flexibility going forward. “We also needed more functionality and superior service,” says James Purcell, Head of Strategic Finance for Augustinus Bader. “So, we spoke with Boomi, and they brought in Pixafy with its erpCommerce™ solution because of their expertise creating complex, sophisticated integrations between Magento and ERP applications.”

Purcell outlined why the company selected Pixafy and erpCommerce™. “Pixafy has tremendous expertise designing scalable, agile solutions that integrate eCommerce with NetSuite and other business applications. Our goal is to streamline business processes. Technology is simply the tool.”

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Powerful, Flexible and Scalable Integrations

Augustinus Bader engaged Pixafy to provide robust integration between Adobe Commerce (Magento) and NetSuite, and to develop a flexible integration platform allowing the company to communicate with its growing line-up of 3PL providers. “Pixafy was confident their solution would provide the scalability and agility we were looking for,” says Purcell.

erpCommerce™ is flexible enough to allow for multiple integrations. “We see a tremendous benefit in having Pixafy coordinating both integration platforms,” Purcell explains. “With erpCommerce™, we have a more seamless operation where data flows to-and-from our eCommerce site, NetSuite and our 3PL partners.”

Replacing Manual Processes with Automated Workflows

Without real-time integration, order processing times were slowed and personnel had little visibility into the stock available in the warehouses. Today, the communication is automated. “We needed to make existing processes work better, not just now, but as we grow and expand and incorporate additional warehouse providers,” explains Purcell.

Now, automated workflows powered by erpCommerce™ transfer order data from Adobe Commerce (Magento) to NetSuite, and ultimately to the 3PL warehouses for fulfillment. As orders are shipped, shipment confirmations are sent to NetSuite and then to Adobe Commerce (Magento) for customer viewing. Should a customer return an order and it’s accepted at the warehouse, the system notifies NetSuite which in turn sends the refund details to Adobe Commerce (Magento).

“By streamlining and automating the entire order and return cycle, we have fewer manual touchpoints, offer our customers better service and free our staff for more valuable activities,” notes Purcell. “The functionality is a game-changer in terms of improved scheduling and timing.

The solution also helps improve overall inventory accuracy. As staff add new items into NetSuite, item data flows into the Adobe Commerce (Magento) storefront. Inventory quantity data is shared between the applications and the warehouses, eliminating the risks of over or under selling products and disappointing customers.

Foundation for Growth

The power and flexibility of erpCommerce™ allow Augustinus Bader to speed order fulfillment times, leverage accurate inventory availability metrics, automate communication with 3PL providers, improve service levels and free staff time to focus on growing the business. “In Pixafy and erpCommerce™ we’ve found a partner we can trust and a platform that can scale,” concludes Purcell.

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