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T3 Micro’s exponential growth outstripped the capabilities of its entry-level eCommerce application.


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T3 Micro is where beauty meets function. As a marketer, manufacturer, and distributor of upscale hairstyling tools, T3 Micro sets the bar high. Its products, adored by customers, are sold through retailers, including Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, and Sephora, plus direct-to-consumer (DTC) through its online store. Founded in 2004, T3 Micro is experiencing meteoric growth across the US and Canada and recently expanded sales into the EU and UK. When T3 Micro outgrew their first eCommerce integration platform, they went looking for a turnkey solution that would provide the scalable power and flexibility needed to support continued growth. The company found that solution in erpCommerce™ from Pixafy.

Blowout Growth Stifled by Unreliable eCommerce Integration

The company is experiencing 30% year over year growth — with some recent years topping a sensational 50%. Such rapid expansion stretched T3 Micro’s previous eCommerce integration platform far too thin.

“Our existing platform from Celigo worked fine when we were small and able to do a lot of the work ourselves,” explains Amanda Afeiche, Executive VP of Finance for T3 Micro. “But as we grew, it became increasingly unstable and required way too much effort to maintain. Our DTC business is too important to trust it to an entry-level application.”

She continues, “We’re not tech people. It’s just me and two others who manage everything to do with our online store. We were getting errors and outages that required hours of our time to troubleshoot. It was becoming increasingly difficult to identify the root cause of the errors due to a lack of visibility. We’d end up on the phone to offshore support personnel trying to get resolution. Finally, it became so disrupting to the business that we had to make a change.”

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erpCommerce™ Makes the Cut

Amanda reached out to Boomi, a highly regarded middleware connector for NetSuite. “They are the Cadillac of connectors,” she says. “We went the cheaper route initially, but we were determined to do it right the next time. Boomi told us we needed to bring Pixafy and erpCommerce™ on board too.”

It turned out to be a transformational move for T3 Micro. “Pixafy is just what we needed,” Amanda says. “We wanted a team that would take charge, solve our challenges, and get our online store running smoothly and reliably. Pixafy and erpCommerce™ did that. We wanted white-glove service, and we’re getting it.”

Cyber Week Done in Style

Like many retailers, the holiday season — specifically Black Friday and Cyber Week — is especially busy for T3 Micro. The company brings in a significant portion of its DTC revenue during this time. Amanda recalls the nervousness she and her team felt during the annual Black Friday sales events. They worried that the connector would break, orders would back up, and email messages would pour in with error messages and alerts. “It ruined several Thanksgiving dinners,” she says. “I’d be stressed out, on the phone trying to get the problems resolved.”

But the first year with erpCommerce™ was different. “There I am, at the Thanksgiving table with my family, and enjoying every minute,” recalls Amanda. “Nothing broke! Pixafy promised me it would work, but somehow I didn’t believe it until then. It worked flawlessly!”

During that first Cyber Week, the company processed a record number of orders through its eCommerce store. “We did nearly 10-times our normal volume with not a single failure,” Amanda says.

With its US eCommerce site powering along, T3 Micro is ready to expand erpCommerce™ to its EU and its UK sites. “We’ve proven it works and are confident the global expansion will work just as well,” says Amanda.

A Powerful Partnership

It’s difficult to quantify the cost of a bad customer experience. That’s why providing an exceptional customer experience is an essential part of T3 Micro’s culture. Every customer touchpoint, including the online shopping experience, must be frictionless. “We are perfectionists — especially when it comes to our customer service,” notes Amanda. “The old eCommerce integration platform didn’t match our brand, and it didn’t align with the exceptional experience we want our customers to have. erpCommerce™ puts our brand back on top. Since we went live, we haven’t had a single integration error. It works as hard as we do. We’re back to delivering our best.”

Amanda concludes, “Pixafy is our partner in eCommerce. It’s so refreshing to have one company handle it all. I wish we’d have known about them from the start — we would have saved so much time, money, and frustration. Pixafy and erpCommerce™ have made a huge positive impact on our business.”

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