Most read blog posts for June, 2013

Posted by Pixafy Team


Summer is officially in full swing! We hope you’re kicking back and soaking in the rays while catching up with us on all things tech, eCommerce, fun, and more! For your reading pleasure, we’ve rounded up the hottest, most-read topics on Pixafy’s thinkbuildblog for the month of June:

  1. 25 essential Twitter accounts for developers
    We compiled a list of useful Twitter accounts to follow for developers, which continues to be a huge hit with readers! We post a ton of useful resources on our own Twitter @Pixafy, so be sure to follow us! What are your favorite Twitter accounts?
  2. Five handy Sublime Text 2 tips
    June saw a ton of interest on our expanded Sublime Text 2 series. Keep checking back as we add useful tutorials and tips, and sign up for our [newsletter_link]FREE newsletter[/newsletter_link] to keep updated on new posts.
  3. Overcoming Magento’s full-page cache through hole punching
    Tom’s post from March continues to come in strong! Topics on full-page caching through hole punching remain relevant to Magento developers.
  4. Sublime Text 2 advanced techniques [part 1]
    Our series on Sublime Text 2 tips continues to pick up incredible steam! Check out the rest of the list for more useful topics and tutorials on ST2:
    Part 1 | Part 2 | 5 handy ST2 Tips
  5. Overcoming Magento’s WYSIWYG editor
    Hitting on topics front-end developers deal with in Magento, this post on Magento’s WYSIWYG editor remains popular with readers.
  6. Sending emails programmatically in Magento
    Manny’s tips on how to send emails programmatically in Magento continues to gain interest with readers. 
  7. 10 funny sites that will ruinate your productivity
    At Pixafy, we’re all about balancing work life with snarf-out-loud fun! This mega-collection of humor sites is sure to provide plenty of entertainment for all.
  8. Sublime Text 2 advanced techniques [part 2]
    Kurt’s second installation of the series on Sublime Text 2 advanced techniques has garnered quite a bit of attention and shares.
  9. Adding a fourth image position to the admin for a Magento product
    Josh’s tutorial on adding a fourth default image position for Magento products has continued to prove useful to Magento developers.
  10. Using the shell_exec function to integrate PHP and server software
    Since this post on how the shell_exec function can help you achieve your PHP programming goals went live a year ago, it has maintained steady interest. It returns to the top ten list, coming in at number 10 for June!

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