Top 50 Pixafy Tech Posts of 2013: 20-11

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We’re getting closer and closer to the top of our list of most popular blog posts of 2013 (isn’t the anticipation just palpable!?). In this collection of posts, we touch on everything from fast caching in Backbone.js to creating coupon codes in Magento, and even some lighter humor posts. Take a look at numbers 20-11 below!


This post is part of a series on the Top 50 Blog Posts of 2013:


20. CSS subpixel rendering

CSS Subpixel Rendering |

Kicking off the top 20 posts is this bit on CSS subpixel rendering. A Piaxafy developer was having trouble with elements not lining up properly, and did some digging to fix the problem. After a little trial and error they were able to fix the issue. Check it out!

19. Fast caching in Backbone.js using localStorage


Over the summer a number of Pixafy employees attended the GothamJS conference, and brought what they had learned back to the office, and onto the blog. Our readers really loved this post on fast caching in Backbone.js using localStorage, which is a useful technique for Backbone developers to build large scale web applications.

18. 10 funny sites that will ruinate your productivity

10 funny sites that will ruinate your productivity  |

Everyone loves a good chuckle from time to time, especially if you need a break from a four-hour coding session. That’s why we compiled this list of sites that you’ll hopefully get a laugh from. Enjoy!

17. “Pub/Sub” with jQuery


Pixafy developer Kurt Kemple explains the benefits of setting up a “pub/sub” (short for publishing and subscribing) API for your projects with jQuery. Setting it up is fairly simple (only 10 lines of code), and the benefits can be great.

16. How to enqueue a custom stylesheet via functions.php in WordPress


This post explains how to enqueue a custom stylesheet via functions.php in WordPress. Front-End Developer Rachel Vasquez shares her extensive knowledge of the WordPress background and the latest platform themes.

 15. Hiding in plain sight: Lesser-known features of Magento

Hiding in plain sight: Lesser-known features of Magento |

As a top-ranking Magento expert, Pixafy writes frequent posts about the leading eCommerce platform. Here, we dive into a number of features that may get overlooked, including nested static blocks, tier pricing, and product alerts notification.

14. How to create coupon codes in Magento – Beginner’s Tutorial #1

Create Coupon Codes in Magento Tutorial |

Pixafy Project Manager Raechel Boston provides three different examples of different shopping cart rules that will help give your eCommerce site a boost. Who doesn’t love a discount, right?

13. Tutorials, tips, and theming: Best of Sublime Text 2 series

Sublime Text 2 Roundup |

And the most popular code and text editor of 2013 issss……..Sublime Text ! Our readers couldn’t get enough posts on Sublime Text, and this compilation of the best tips and tutorials is a houses a ton of information all in one place!

 12. Hiding in plain sight: Lesser-known features of WordPress

Lesser-known WordPress features |

Just like our post on lesser-known Magento features, our list of underutilized WordPress features struck a chord with our followers, and continues to be a top post since being released in early May.

11. Overcoming Magento’s WYSIWYG Part 2: Customizing TinyMCE Settings


This follow-up piece on Magento’s WYSIWYG editor just missed the top 10 posts of 2013, but is still jam-packed with a ton of useful information. Get familiar with customizing TinyMCE settings in this handy tutorial!

We’re almost at the finish line! We hope you’ve enjoyed 40 of the most popular blog posts of 2013, now stay tuned for our post on the top 10!

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