Eleni’s Case Study


Technology Used

Magento Enterprise Edition, Olark

Pixafy Services Used

Magento Development, Continuous Improvement


Custom Pixafy Design

Eleni​'s, a New York-based baked goods company that delivers specialty and custom products to customers via an online store and relationships with third-party retailers, needed a website that could support unique products that must be shipped and handled with care. The organization had a half-built website, and we were able to step in with our design expertise and help it close out the project. With the new site launched, we moved into a maintenance contract to set Eleni's to continuously improve and stay ahead of any challenges they might face. This process began with an overhaul of the site to make it responsive.

Our work for Eleni​'s also focused on optimizing the customer experience. We established pixel tracking and made corrections to a cookie customer. These upgrades enabled the organization to reach customers with more relevant, beneficial content and promotions, including new newsletters. To bring this communication to another level, we deployed the Olark tool on the site, giving customers access to live chat functionality so they could get quick answers to any questions that may arise during the shopping process.

These efforts to reach out to customers more effectively and support them throughout their experience on the site would be for naught if Eleni​'s couldn't get its products out efficiently. Custom baked goods aren't easy to ship, and setting clear expectations for shipping times is critical to keeping clients happy. To that end, we worked with Eleni​'s to create a local delivery estimator from scratch, bringing together data from the warehouse and details like store hours, as well as incorporating weekend work costs into shipping estimates. The system even recognizes if customers out-of-zone deliveries and adjusts expectations accordingly. It may be easy to think that selling unique products online is too much hassle to be worth it, but our work with Eleni​'s shows ecommerce is ready for even highly customizable goods.

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