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Shopify Implementation, Sage 50 Data Migration, eBridge Integration Module


Customized Shopify Theme, B2C * B2B

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Founded in 1985, Reflect Window and Door provides all-weather windows and doors, and related supplies and hardware to both homeowners and businesses in and around Edmonton, Canada.

Switching to a modern ecommerce platform

Reflect Window and Door connected with Pixafy in November 2018 with the intention of trading its extant ecommerce platform — an entirely custom online sales system created in conjunction with an independent developer — for a Shopify build. The business was then collaborating with an NYC marketing agency to enhance its search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) promotional practices but had been encountering implementation difficulties linked to its website architecture. Developers at the marketing agency were unable to configure product tags or embed conversion pixels, for example.

Without codebase or data ownership, Reflect understood that it needed a fresh ecommerce solution and entrusted Pixafy to develop and launch a website that would connect with both B2B and B2C audiences, and facilitate streamlined backend management. The organization requested that the redesigned website mirror the existing one and come equipped with features that supported tiered price discounting, international currency conversion, service promotion and product search and configuration.

Grappling with data migration complexities

Before our developers could embark on the redesign process, they had to address a fairly unique and complex data migration situation. As mentioned, Reflect had commissioned an independent developer to construct its existing ecommerce solution, which centered on an obscure online sales platform and included custom-coded features. The solution was not at all scalable, and to make matters worse, the developer who created it claimed ownership over the codebase and the data trapped inside, and was unwilling to facilitate a platform migration.

Reflect managed to negotiate with the developer to obtain much of the website information but in the form of unstructured JSON script. Pixafy personnel went to work deciphering the raw data and encoding it into a Shopify-friending format. They then moved onto another mission-critical data migration task: preparing the company’s Sage 50 enterprise resource planning solution for Shopify integration. Our developers used an eBridge integration module to form this connection and lay the pipeline optimal ecommerce data flow.

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Developing a familiar yet scalable ecommerce solution

With essential product information in hand and ready for importation, our developers dove into website creation. As previously mentioned, Reflect wanted to maintain its existing aesthetics but with modern backend access and functionality. The Pixafy team pinpointed a preconfigured, mobile-friendly Shopify theme and crafted some mild customizations to achieve a 95% match. In addition to recreating the existing style, our developers installed category listing page and landing page creation tools so that Reflect and its external partners could easily configure new website real estate as needed.

This new-and-improved functionality made it possible for Pixafy developers to further enrich the customer experience while maintaining familiar style queues. For instance, the team leveraged a custom landing page and a product configuration tool to create an improved window shopping experience wherein users can toggle between frame color and test their options before ordering. Our developers also helped the company create custom landing pages specifically addressing local and regional customers, and crafted similarly targeted pages for 7,500 to 10,000 fixed and variable SKUs.

Beneath these aesthetic modifications, our developers implemented features meant to simplify and enhance the customer experience, and ease backend website management. A new tiered pricing system based on the Bold Shopify extension would lend B2B customers the opportunity to take advantage of low per-unit costs, while an international monetary conversion module — an out-of-the-box Shopify feature — would help Reflect cater to customers everywhere. The Pixafy team drastically improved the product search capabilities as well, sorting through more than thousands of product tag filters and activating those most applicable to users.
To supplement these user-focused optimizations and ultimately give Reflect the ability to pursue continual improvement across its ecommerce and marketing functions, Pixafy installed a variety of backend modules meant to generate customer insights for shaping promotions and ecommerce-improvement efforts, including dynamic website heat mapping from Lucky Orange and embedded conversion pixels.

Developing a familiar yet scalable ecommerce solution

Pixafy’s relationship with Reflect did not end at go-live. The business continues to work with our team on multiple ecommerce initiatives, including a Shopify Plus migration. With new digital sales framework in place, the company is pursuing optimization efforts, including switching to the top-of-the-line Shopify offering which supports full website customization and features more robust functionalities related to foreign currency accounting.

Of course, adjustments and enhancements of this kind are much easier now that Reflect boasts a truly modern ecommerce solution that can change and scale with both the organization and the market.

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