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UI/UX, CMS capabilities with Landofcoder PageBuilder plugin, Custom deployment model


UI/UX, Custom Pixafy Design

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About WaterWorks

Waterworks is global high-end plumbing fixtures and bathroom/kitchen accessories retailer that brings impeccable style and artisanal quality craftsmanship to bathrooms and kitchens world-wide.

WaterWorks and Pixafy: Upgrading website design

When Waterworks came to Pixafy, they wanted to implement a brand new custom front end design. Their site had major UI/UX and performance issues that was not befitting their sophisticated brand identity. It was time for a change and Pixafy stepped in to help using Magento best practices.

Prior to implementation, we engaged in a thorough audit of Waterworks’ existing Magento environment, infrastructure, and plugins. Our work on the site focused on enabling Waterworks to manage every element of their site and create sophisticated landing pages on their end without having to enlist the services of a developer. The Landofcoder PageBuilder plugin (for custom landing pages/enhanced CMS capabilities) was implemented.

Implementing deployments with zero downtime

Waterworks had a specific requirement to deploy all updates the site overnight when traffic levels are at their lowest. To resolve that concern, and also enable us to deploy during business hours (with full team to support the deploy) Pixafy developed a deployment model that enables us to push new updates to the site with zero downtime, so that those deploys can be handled via best practices, and to enable the team to quickly react to any possibly issues that can arise, a capability that is limited when deploying overnight.

Pixafy, Magento and Waterworks

Pixafy enabled WaterWorks to develop a site that looks great and works even better. As the leading ecommerce platform, Magento solutions were able to help WaterWorks realize the technical goals of their new site. Our work for Waterworks helped the company achieve the standard it needed to maintain its excellent global web presence.

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