Technology Used

Magento Enterprise Edition, Avalara, Extendware, M2ePro, Live Chat, Netsuite

Pixafy Services Used

Magento Development, Continuous Improvement. List Tracking Integration, ERP Integration, Custom Module Development


Custom Design

Yummie by Heather Thomson is among the leading online clothing retailers. We've worked with the brand on an ongoing maintenance and improvement strategy that has enabled the organization to add new functions and features to better meet customer needs over time. This is especially evident in a private sales project we configured for Yummie after their initial site launch. The business wanted to be able to reach out to specific customer groups with selective private sales, and we helped Yummie optimize backend systems to ensure it was able to identify the best user groups to target and establish the private sales to maximize sales potential. 

Customer-focused projects were central to our work with Yummie and included a custom color swatch module that we built. The system allows users to select a color and have a product image change to the color accordingly. This feature has become a popular ecommerce function today, but our custom solution was among the early examples of this functionality. We also maintained Yummie's rewards program, letting it enhance the long-term relationships it maintains with customers to ensure customer loyalty. These customer-facing enhancements went hand-in-hand with a live chat tool for the site, providing quick answers to any customer questions as they arose.

YUMMIE<br />BY HEATHER THOMPSON Screenshots, Responsive

All of these customer-focused benefits wouldn't have been possible without background enhancements that allowed Yummie to bring together customer experiences across multiple channels through effective data integration and superb site performance. Projects we supported included:

• Integrating the Avalara tax management module into the site.
• Building list tracking marketing automation capabilities into operations.
• Deploying the Extendware caching module.
• Using the M2ePro extension to allow Yummie to reach customers across distinct channels.
• Establishing a connector for Netsuite to create visibility into warehouse logistics.

Online retail success is often driven by data. Managing and maintaining data in optimal ways empowers organizations to focus on customers. Our work with Yummie highlights the way backend improvements can fuel innovation in customer-facing strategies, empowering ecommerce retailers to reach consumers in new, intuitive ways. 

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